Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 1036: I like smart people.

The work above was created by combining ...

paper collage & ink postcard


then playing till I liked it.

I do. I admit it, I admire smart people.
I just watched a TED presentation made by an acquaintance.
Not a close friend, but definitely an acquaintance.
I knew he was smart, but a TED talk? Impressive!
Then I thought about the smart friends and students in my life.
And of course there all kinds of smart. 
And in my case that admiration quadruples when ...
they are also kind.
Then I thought, I am so lucky ...
these smart ones let me hang around.

additions, mine.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

 Adam Johnson, Micheal Bates, Kevin Dillon, Tess Bernstein, David Gassen, Jared Stanton, Colin Morris, David Spenser and more at Orange County Fair Demo 2003.

A smile for Thursday ...

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