Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 1003: Whatever turns you on, right?

Acrylic & paper collage postcard

Today is catch up Friday.
That's when I try to get all the lose ends tied up.
Do you do that?
I had a medical appointment at 10 AM.
To reward myself for that, I stopped at the art store.
WonderWoman loves to shop at the beauty supply.
Whatever turns you on, right?
 I was nearby so ate at Mongolian Bar-B-Q!
Healthy, delicious ... win-win.
I texted WW that I ate her egg-roll, as I usually give her mine.
A stop at the 99c store, yes I do go there.
Then a stop at Kaiser for lab work.
My new, very young, very smart doctor sent me for a recheck.
His wife is my gynecologist, so I don't have a chance.
Now home, I am starting on the postcards for the

"something, sometime" list, using yesterday's efforts.

collage & antique drawing postcard

Now as Connie Rose said in her blog today ...
"So there's everything you probably didn't need to know..."
but it filled #1003 blog!

I have fantastic plans for Saturday, thanks to Valerie.
I'll tell you later, but really ...  I can hardly wait.
Hope you have a super-duper weekend ahead?
Maybe tell me about it?

A smile for Saturday ... 

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