Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 927: A real renaissance woman, really!

"Woodrow", postage stamp & junk mail collage postcard for mail art

Continuing from yesterday's post
when talking about a renaissance woman
there is a lot to cover, but I'll try to make a dent.

Carrol is an Architect, Artist and Designer,
 President of Huntington Beach Art League, Seamstress,
Community activist, Grandmother, Mother, Wife and more.
And, she does all of it really, really well.

I was invited to her home, on the water in Sunset Beach.
Four floors on a narrow lot, planned to perfection.

Designed 35 years ago with an artists eye, 
an architect's skill and a woman's need for storage. 
Classic uncluttered lines, it is modern and current.

Her son, Ross, had wanted a tree house as a young child.
No trees?  No problem.

Carrol designed a climb-up tree house in his room.
What boy or girl wouldn't love this?

Daughter Jennifer excelled at ballet, 

 Carrol designed her gorgeous costumes ...

each with intricate beading and detail hand work.

Carrol & friends took our recent 4 week journal class,

so I got a chance to see some of her finished work,

up close and personal.

Carrol chose to do all of the optional homework …

with spectacular results in my opinion.
I am honored to know a real renaissance woman.
Thank you Carrol!

A smile for Sunday …

(borrowed from Carrol's journal)

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