Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 902: Short and not to the point?

Ichiro, photography & digital collage

I had a great day today.
10AM at WonderWoman's with Daughter #2 for a girls day!
WW flew us down to Fashion Island for shopping,
Nordstroms, Anthropology, Bloomingdales, 
Urban Outfitters, the pet store, Pinkberry's and more. 
Lunch at R&D Kitchen and lots of laughs.
These girls are great and I didn't take one picture!
If you wonder what it all looked like go here or here.
Same place, same fun.

Youngest grand-dog, Chloe ...
loves to have her picture taken.
She moved in for a close-up in this selfie.

Chloe & part of WW

And another smile for Wednesday ...

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