Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 880: FALALALALA etc.

another 2nd life - re-cycled Christmas card collage

A quick story.

Not a Christmas story, but this one was real too.

Let me preface the story with the fact that ...
my Dad grew up during the Great Depression.
It hit him, his family & everybody he knew, hard. 
It scarred him for life. 
He was beyond frugal, way beyond. 
He couldn't afford to go to school, but he could drive.
He became a Greyhound bus driver, with many safety awards.
He loved to swim and became an Olympic caliber diver.
He made the team, selected by famous Coach Sammy Lee.
Two months later he had tuberculosis and was in a facility.
He missed the Olympics and his dream opportunity.
Life wasn't easy. He raised me to know that.

Home from boarding school for the weekend, at age 9,
I mentioned to my Dad that ...
DeDe, my friend at school, had allergies.
Without missing a beat, my Dad said ...
"we don't have allergies, allergies are for rich people."
You would have liked my Dad, everybody did.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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