Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 867: Holiday season at the DMV?

Mermaid, 24 x 24" paper only collage on canvas (sold)

Holiday season at the DMV?
Not by choice, but I found it doable.
I got up at 5 AM. 
I was in line at Santa Ana DMV at 7AM.
It opens and 8AM ...
and by then the line was around the building.

(Of course all this could be easier with an appointment.)
(Which I didn't have.)
Every clerk was kind and polite at 8 AM.
Thumb print, eye test, and fee paid.
I did feel the photography clerk could have offered ...
some Photoshop on my photo.
I scoured the DMV manual during my wait,
and have to admit I learned a lot that came in handy on the test.
BTW: the test was on a touch screen this time.
I was out by 10 AM!
If you saw yesterday's post, I had prepared to spend the day.
This goes to prove what I have gleaned over my many years ...
dreaded things are hardly ever as bad as imagined.

Demura Sensei came straight to the dojo from LAX,
arriving this AM after a long flight from New Zealand.
He seems to have immunity to jet lag, 
as he looked great and proceeded to "kill" us all in class!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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