Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 866: I'd cry but ...

"Fox Theater, Pomona", my photography, digitally layered

Yesterday, after the sale and before today's drama ...
I played with these two photographs ...

I thought I'd share some variations.
Do you have a preference?

They say things happen in threes?
Please, say it isn't so.
I went Auto Club today to make a DMV appointment,
which turned out to be impossible,  and ...
 a sweet little lady backed into my rental car!
A slight blip in her Lexus rear bumper, but ...
lifted the front left fender of my Maxima.
Second accident in six days, neither my fault.
More accident reports and eye-rolling!
I am a grown woman, but I wanted to cry!

So this is me.
I want to go back to bed and stay.
Make all this stuff go away.

I will regroup Tuesday, to go stand in line
 at the DMV to take all my tests.
Because that's what a grown up has to do, right?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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