Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 847: A stitch in time ... and all that jazz!

"Flo", sewing pattern & tissue paper collage on canvas,  2012

As I mentioned yesterday...
I rarely know where each day's blog will come from?
I have several blogs that I follow, not only intently, 
but with joy and great anticipation.
This morning, as I drooled over John Arbuckle's post ...
( he's amazing, and always doing something terrific )
he showed a journal pouch with stitching, 
but mentioned that it could be glued as well. 
John mentioned a preference for the stitching, 
and I found myself nodding in agreement.

"Pouch with bird",  John Arbuckle

Bingo! There's the idea for blog # 847.

I remembered my tiny sewing machine, just 8 x 9 inches.
A 50's color of green, plastic, electric & battery-powered!
I bought it years ago for $9.99 or $19.99 ...
 at a Michael's or somewhere ...
thinking that it should be worth at least that much?

Also, acknowledging that my sewing skills didn't merit more.
I can hear you thinking, I bet it doesn't work!
Well, it does (they tell me).
 It came with bobbins, extra threads and even tiny scissors 
for whoever would deem to buy a tiny plastic sewing machine.

I have friend/artists who also use stitching and I LOVE it!
Just yesterday I received a "zine" in this handmade, 
hand-stitched envelope from wonderful artist Connie Rose
... look at what the stitching adds!

Connie Rose

 Libby Williamson is well known for her free motion 
stitchery magic, wall hangings, artwork and more,
using a very fancy machine.

Libby Williamson

And, I have a small collection of cards using stitchery ...

artist unknown

my problem is I am too selfish to send them on, so far.

Heidi Fruehan

So if you get one, you'll know you rate!

Stitched, quilted, stamped postcard by joanell Connolly

Well you get the idea, I like stitches, in every way!

86' today in Santa Ana, CA, no A/C,  no fans.

for Throwback Thursday ...

Costa Mesa Dojo, Jr. Marathon Coaches, 2011

A smile for Thursday ...

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