Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 846: It's just a cheeseburger after all!

Maturity",  junk mail & magazine collage on 12 x12" canvas, circa 2007

If it, in any way, appears that ...
these daily blogs come easy ... well they don't!
Oh some do, like yesterday's ...
it was "ease-peasy" as my friend Libby says.
Once in a great while I have a specific goal.
But many, like today, have to be scoured for.
A lot of staring into space, waiting for divine help.
Padding around in my dusty brain for even a scrap of an idea.

I guess I think of each post as a hamburger.

The top bun is some piece of my artwork.
This because early on I was told that they liked the art part.
This part of the sandwich is easy, as I have files!

The middle or meat & cheese, is a few sentences ...
often just nonsense, so I keep it short.
This because early on, 800+ days ago ...
I asked daughter, WonderWoman, if she read my blog?
In that daughter voice that you know, if you have one ...
she said, "Mom, I am so busy!" And she is!
But, I said in my perfected Mom voice ...
"Erin, it takes 1 minute!"
And so I keep it short, usually. Today not so much?
Sometimes there are short garnishes ...
happening, upcoming stuff, dojo tally etc.

The bottom bun is the smile for the day.
Everyone seems to like that, and ...
that also comes easy, as I have a "funny" file.

So, thank you for bearing with me as I rattle along ...
I did get my title and blog for today in the process...
Day 846 ... in a row!
I don't get many comments, but google says you are out there!
Thank you for your patience & persistence.
I really appreciate YOU!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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