Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 762 : We can do it! Repeat, We CAN do it!!!

envelope lining, junk mail & citrasolv paper collage

Grandma TLC has a schedule!
And that's a good thing!

Up just before 6 AM!!!
Make sure Grandson 1 & 2 are up and fed.
Leave by 7 to have them at school before 7:30AM.
Home to my tiny house to do this blog.
Back to big house by 9AM to feed Grandson 3 and ...
take the 4 granddogs out!
I worked on some collages in the study until ...
"G3" asked me to come sit with him.
He was playing a video game, with lightning reaction,
 dizzying action, great graphics and so realistic, wow. 
This was his form of resting up for 3 hours of FB practice.
Picked up "G1 & 2" at 3:30 and drop a friend off 
on the way to the 4 PM dentist appointment.
Back to pick up G3 and take to FB practice.
Back to dentist @ 5PM, picked up G1 & 2 ...
 brought home to feed both.
G1 had loads of homework, and disappeared into the study.
G2 & I left home @ 6:30 for basketball practice 7:00 - 9 PM.
The traffic was horrendous.
Dropped G2 off at ASCpicked up G3 to come home & feed.
Back to ASC for G2 at 9:20 PM and home for his homework.
G1 finished 5 hours homework, honest!
Oh, and did I mention laundry? Lots of laundry!
All 8 of us more than ready for bed by 11 PM.
Another busy day tomorrow.
If you ever wondered why I call my daughter ...
"WonderWoman", this is a big part of it.
I tell the guys, "Your Mom makes this look easy ...
but it's not easy! 
But ...

A smile for Wednesday ...

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