Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 761: 4 + 3 + "GTLC" ...

junk mail &  citrasolv paper collage

It's on!
 I am back at the big house on "GTLC" duty.
(Grandma TLC ="Tender-Loving-Care / Taxi-Launder-Cook")
      I've been blessed to watch these guys grow up from ...

to ...

So while WonderWoman & Superman are in Gotham,
getting ready to celebrate their 19th anniversary tomorrow,
we are busy here.

4 dogs so excited ...

the 2 oldest guys , (sophomore & junior) are in 3rd week of school,
youngest doesn't start 8th grade till next week, but has ...

he's the cute one!

football practice!
Then there is a dentist appointment, 
after-school basketball practice, homework.
And so it goes.
Just 4 dogs, 3 guys and GTLC.
More tomorrow.

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