Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 756: @#$%^%$#@

5 minute junk mail collage

And that's putting it nicely!
I admit to being addicted to technology, I do a daily blog.
I finally bought a replacement.
Also a cheap-y, but shiny new, with gadgets and wireless!
After putting it off as long as possible ...
I disconnected "old cheap-y" from life support and ... 
unpacked the new guy. 
Does everyone have a jungle of unidentified cords 
in a battlefield of dust under their desk?
I am going to spare you the details of how ...
and skip to my present status ...

new printer software won't load*
i-music won't play*
scanner won't scan*
i-photo won't accept new photos for today's blog*
*all while being lit up, acting normal?
And, I have both a headache and a backache!


On the bright side ... my significant other,
my Mac Pro is humoring me and allowing this post.

If you smiled at any of this, that would make me happy.
As I do apologize, I dislike complainers!

A smile for Thursday ...

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