Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 748: Okay, so I'm anthropomorphic ...

junk mail & magazine photo montage

You didn't think I knew big words, right?
But I am indeed anthropomorphic!
And not even apologetically so.

Milo Winter, Aesop's Fables - "The North Wind and Sun"

I realized this trait with cars, but today ...
it was with the demise of my Epson C88+ printer.
In my little "Mom and No Pop" advertising business,
I have a big fancy Epson printer, that is dusty from neglect.
It is a high maintenance item with multiple ink cartridges.
I find I avoid "high maintenance" in anything!
So, I buy a cheap-y Epson, $99 range, using 4 colors 
and this becomes my workhorse.
(Sidebar: as you know if you have any printer, 
it is almost free compared to the cost of ink cartridges!)
So today I look at my C88+ ... like a friend,
it's paper tray is held in place by masking tape, 
scuffed, smudged, and I feel sad.
Also, it leave with full ink cartridges, 
and my reserve stock won't fit the new guy.

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