Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 754: FB, LLWS and Mo'ne!

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If you know me at all you would know I love sports!
I am not skilled, but I enjoy watching them all. 
(Except golf , but don't tell anyone).

So Saturday you would have found me ...

watching grandson #3's football scrimmage.
My grandson is the cute one!

Then home to watch LLWS while I worked.

From August 14 - 28, the top 11-13 year old teams,
from all over the US and the world compete.
I look forward to this like ...
some fans look forward to the other World Series.

I didn't know, but girls have been ...
allowed to compete for the past sixty years. 
Starting with Kathryn "Tubby" Massar,
who cut off her braids, tucked her hair under her cap ...
and was the first girl to play Little League baseball.
Now 78, in Yuba City, CA, Kathryn is said to be
pleased to see two girls playing in this years LLWS.
One is Canada's Emma March and the other ...
Philadelphia's 13 year old Mo'ne Davis.  

Mo'ne Davis

Mo'ne will pitch again in Wednesday's game.

This after becoming the first girl to throw a ...
shutout in Little League World Series history.
I guess you know where I'll be Wednesday afternoon?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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