Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 458: Wow!

As mentioned ...I blog daily.
Today makes 458 days in a row.
Just random stuff, something seems to turn up.
But today was special and came from ...
our local O. C. Register newspaper. 

* I took special notice because two of my three 
grandsons attend Orange Lutheran High School.
Columnist, David Whiting's article blew mw away. 
So special, I wanted to share it.

* I called the Register, and asked if I would ...
be allowed to include the article in my blog?
After checking with her manager, a helpful lady
said that I could, but to show photo credits. Enjoy.

I apologize for the readability of some of the text, 
but if you're still reading, I bet you don't mind?
This was so far superior to any blog I could write.
Thank you Jake Olson, David Whiting, OLHS and ...
the staff and management at the O.C. Register.

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