Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 402: Schooled!

No, I'm not talking about back-to school.
Two teenage grandsons have been in high school for weeks.
Youngest grandson starts 7th grade next week.
But, I am talking about being "schooled"!

Meet Kengo!
Kengo is the 20 year old son 
of my special and longtime friend, Masayoshi.
Kengo is here from Japan for a short visit.

We were both hungry so stopped at Ruby's Diner.

Kengo is a special visual engineering student at ...
the prestigious Kanto Gakuin University in Japan.

poster by Kengo's team
model by Kengo

He studies animation, airbrush, photography & more. 
So we came to my studio to play ...
and we used Google translate ... a lot!

It was Kengo's first time to use a Wacom tablet ...

but he was amazing to watch!

Layering in Photoshop ...
using the stylus as an airbrush.

Detailed, precise, engineered and inspiring ...

and again, his first time using this tool.

I decided I had been "schooled"!

All in a days work when you are that talented.

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