Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 387: There's more to that story ...

In case you read Day 384 "What a great gift!"  ....

... turns out there's more to that story!
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So I noticed Irene's comment ...

I noticed Irene's comment about physiotherapy.
But, when I went to the hombu dojo Thursday for
day class, there sat smiling Canadian dynamo, Irene.

Meet Irene, a real force of nature ...

Canadian firefighter, & Demura Sensei's black-belt.

Irene sat in the dojo with her big smile and ...

a tragically injured right wrist. 
A horrific July accident had nearly severed her wrist, 
cutting 12 tendons, 2 nerves and 1 major artery!

(1 week after surgery)
Many might have feinted, and bled to death.
Irene's quick reactions saved her life.
And ...
she is slowly regaining movement and ...
none who knows her will doubt a full recovery.

Now, back to the gift. 
Gift donor Ronda, said to me in her e-mail:

So, I hope you enjoy it. :-) If I got the size wrong or you would not wear it out, 
I figured you could wear it for pj's or while working on your next great art project.
 Or, if you are inclined to donate it to the kids at the marathon or for the 
Christmas gift exchange I would not be offended. 
I was just thinking of you and wanted you to have one. 

So, when I saw Irene in person, I just knew ...
as much as I loved that shirt, it should be worn by Irene!
So at our Friday night class ... I gave it to Irene.

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