Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 384: What a great gift!

In this day of e-mail, texts and twitter ...
what a surprise to pull a package from the mailbox!
I hadn't ordered anything, so what could it be?

I didn't recognize the return label, but it was addressed to  me.
And inside, a beautiful red t-shirt with the design above!
I racked my brain wondering who I knew in Texas?

Ronda 2005

Then I remembered Ronda had e-mailed me for my address.
Ronda is a former student, and a very special lady. 
Unfortunately for me, she and her family moved to Florida,
but we stay in touch by occasional e-mails. So ...
I e-mailed Ronda and sure enough, she was my kind donor.

She supports the "be you, be true" company.

Founder Karen, a single Mom,
offers well designed clothing and accessories with messages meant to inspire, encourage, show kindness 
all while making you smile.

I am attaching a few clever designs.
You can see more here.
And, Facebook here.

Don't you just love great friends and ...
a good story?

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