Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 369: The look and feel of Indiana ...

A week ago, I flew to Indiana.
My goal was a week with family, cousins.
No shops, museums, shows ... just family.
I wanted to watch, listen and get to know.

The corn was high, and tasseled during my week.

After being picked up Indianapolis Airport (in socks)
by cousins Martha & John, I spent the night 
with cousins Sheryl & David in Carmel, Indiana.
I was greeted with an original song by Masin 
and watched artwork from Lucie Pauline.
The next morning we took the girls to their golf lesson.

Then it was on to Cousin Donna & Bob's in Lebanon.
A beautiful home and Bob's yard were put to use by ...
the younger cousins.

And the cousins played games indoors.

And this is just early afternoon.
Tomorrow's blog ... the picnic with 45+ cousins!

I hope you'll stay tuned for more?

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