Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 368: The story of the disintegrating shoes!

It was a very early Wednesday morning.
I was dressing to fly to Indiana.
I had planned to wear a nice pair of black shoes.
But, I pulled down a box of black sandals ...

They looked brand new, but I didn't remember buying them?
Not as stylish as I had planned, but after trying them on
I decided they were a good choice for walking at Dallas Airport.
And that's how this story begins ...

As I boarded at Orange County, I noticed a loosening
on the left shoe, but dismissed it. 
I slept during the flight to Dallas ... 
but my shoes were hard at work!
As I deplaned, the shoe battle was escalating ...
and I didn't realize the extent of the war ahead.

On arriving in Dallas ...
the uppers had pulled away from the sole ...
and the sole cracked!

then the heel broke away!
So by the time I walked from terminal A gate 8, 
located and boarded the sky train, 
and walked to terminal C gate 37, 
I had been conquered by a pair of Naturalizer sandals!

I took these photos with my iphone as proof ... 
as I just knew none of you would believe me.
Next to me, a lovely octogenarian, Mary, in a wheelchair. 
Mary was clearly enjoying this layover entertainment.
Smart-aleck daughter texted to buy flip-flops ...
but C terminal didn't have duty-free shops, 
just the news & food shops.

God is good, so I had packed a pair of socks in my carry-on.
I put on socks and walked to drop the shoes in the trash.
A barefoot child passed me and I shuddered, 
realizing how close I came.

I called cousins Martha and John ...
 telling them my flight was delayed due to lightning.
And, that on arrival in Indianapolis ... 
I'd be the one at the curb in socks!

So as I sat in my window seat, in my socks, I decided ...
that I would just deal with it, act normal,
yeah, that was the plan.

Note to self: 
Never, ever again wear shoes so old ...
that you don't remember buying them.

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