Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DAY 320: Buried Treasure ...

I am a big fan of Seth Apter!

A very kind hearted and giving author

and blogger extraordinaire!

Seth has launched a "buried treasure" event ... today!

My job, is to post a favorite blog from the past 
in hopes that you will visit and want to visit again. 
So here goes ...

Originally posted 4/17/2013 on Day 264: At it again ...

After day class, and delivering artwork 
to Chemers Gallery ...
I am at it again.

Using a previous 18x24" digital ...
and papers I started on
Girl 2.

Initially using just papers and gel medium ...

laying in the shadows and simple areas.

I decided to keep the original upper background.

At this point, I started adding some acrylic ...
but sparingly, so the collage shows through.

Done. At least I think so.
I never know until the next day.

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