Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 296: Can you say "Encaustics"?

Encaustic is painting with wax.
One of the oldest art forms, dating back to the Egyptians.

A long-time fan of mixed-media artist
Pamela Smith-Hudson, I joined this UCLA grad for ...

I have mentioned in previous blogs, my gratitude for
Art Supply Warehouse and their CATALYST program.
Rebecca Giesking, Catalyst Director, goes above and 
beyond the norm  to provide a well-stocked,
dynamic & creative space for the classes offered.

Pam is a consumate teacher, knowledgable and ...
passionate about helping students learn.

We learned a simple registration, and various
types of printing ...

applying the ink ...

my first mono print (R) and the ghost print (L).

Nadia Roldan

Nadia's inked plate before printing ...

Nadia's mono print.

My second (subtractive) mono print.

This was called a trace monotype. 
The plate was inked & the paper placed on it,
then I drew on the back of the paper ...

and this is the print pulled ...

and, this is the ghost print, made without further inking.

This is cleaning my brayer on newsprint.

Pam demonstrated using stamps and tools to create
textures and values in printing.

After a short lunch break, we started encaustics!

Using the provided Enkaustikos printing plate ... 

on electric griddles @ 150' we melted "hot sticks" of color ...

Starting with small plates ...

Nadia Roldan
we moved on to use the entire griddle surface.

And as a special treat ...

Pamela Smith-Hudson
 and ...

Pamela Smith-Hudson

What a great day!

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