Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 273: Look what I found ...

What's so special? Three older ladies, me and a cat?

Can I tell you a quick story?
We are seated in front of Koehler Arms,
an apartment building in Hollywood, California.
A long time ago.

In the center is Clydie Koehler, the owner of 
this building, this block, and many blocks in
L.A, downtown Palm Springs and more.

The lady on the right, is her mother, Jean.
The lady on the left was Jean's sister, Clydie's Aunt, 
but I can't remember her name.
And, I don't remember the cat, at all.

But, I will always remember Clydie.
Clydie had been a silent film star, and
married a successful man, George Koehler. 
When I was older she mesmerized me with her stories.

When I returned from Australia and stayed with
my Dad, he rented one of Clydie's properties.
She drove an old pink and black Studebaker ...
with her plumbing tools in the trunk.
Even though she owned all these buildings,
she did all the repairs. 
She was a strong "widow-lady", older by then,
with a wonderful sense of humor, and to say 
she was frugal would be an understatement.

This is my only picture of Clydie, 
so it's special to me.

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