Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 258: Sensei says I am a geranium!

The geraniums in my little yard are starting to bloom.
This reminded me of ...

decades ago, Demura Sensei pointed to a 
geranium on his desk ... and said to me,
"you're like that flower".

 I said, "But Sensei, that's a geranium",
with the same intonation as if a weed.
"Yes, you are like a geranium!".

"Oh Sensei, can't I be a rose, or an orchid ...
or a tulip?" I pleaded.

"No,  you are like a geranium!".

I was crushed. 
I wanted to be something elegant or beautiful.

Then Sensei said, "No, they are good. They don't
need a lot of attention and they bloom easy."
And so, I am a geranium.

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