Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 254: My daughter, the mudrunner!

Yes, I raised her. But she is so much more.
Wife, Mom, trainer, health-nut and ...
veteran mud-runner.

Bassel and Erin

Erin and four of her clients entered this year's
 Irvine Mud Run, a local tradition.

Meet Team "Hot Mess"!

Tracie, Erin, Nicole, Heather and Leah
Up early and ready to go ...

Leah, Erin and Tracie
for good clean fun.


Okay, not so clean, but fun.
Nicole and Leah
The things you do for fitness and fun!

Tracie, Erin, Heather, Leah and Nicole

Medals and lots of dirt for Team Hot Mess!
Tracie, Nicole, Heather, Leah and Erin

Big smiles for a job well done.

That's my girl!

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