Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 246: A quick introduction ...

In my random ramblings, today ... a brief introduction.
Meet Ping and Pong Long.

These brothers did everything together. Everything.
For those who aren't cat people ... theses are your cats. 
Nothing delicate or demur about these two.
This shot happened when I cleaned a kitchen drawer. 
When I turned back they had staked their claim.

They particularly liked to torment our dog.
"Shogun" was large even for a Great Dane.
Shogun once chased Ping and cornered him under a chair.
This huge dog spread his long legs to try to look under the chair, 
just as Pong came from behind and nipped at Shogun's back leg.
Shogun turned around to Pong, as Ping ran by, free.
They were like that.

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