Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 240: The day after ...

The day after (anything) has a different feel.
Today I tried to re-enter "normal mode".
There were things that had been neglected.
Laundry etc. But I'll spare you the list.
One thing really overdue was my yard.

The plants have been giving me dirty looks for awhile now.
I have sprinklers, but also many pots ...
which like to be hand-watered. 

So today, I did.

I think the bird of paradise is gorgeous,

and the new growth on the palm is fantastic.

A variety of succulents, air plants and rusty stuff.

I have a lot of bells and wind-chimes.
Some say they keep away evil spirits.
I am taking care of the whole neighborhood.

I have a comfortable recliner, just perfect for ...
reading todays paper, and this is my view up from there.

      Several years ago I bought ... 
this 7' rusty eagle sculpture 
by Laguna sculptor/artist,
It watches over the garden. 
And, when the sun sets ...
 a silhouette of the eagle 
is reflected ...
on the wall inside.
I like that. 

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