Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 190: Take a hike!

 Today Tyler and I went on a hike!

A glorious 354 acre natural wilderness ...

         And decided next time ...
         I would try the willow trail.

No problem.

Now an Eye Test! 
Can you see "Daddy" Hummingbird

Daddy hummingbird

Daddy Hummingbird on nest
 hummingbird nest
He wasn't thrilled with us.
Tyler got a shaky shot of
the nest and egg, just as
Daddy Hummingbird 
was returning.
Hummingbird nest with egg

Daddy Hummingbird stays nearby, on watch.

We kept the speed limit and 
headed for 
the highest point in the park ...
East Ridge.
It's a steep 
climb ...

It doesn't look high ... 
but if you look close you can see ...
one person starting up, and one on top.

And the view (snow-cap mountain) back from the top. 
Our car is by houses far left.  

I asked 
this young marine
if I could 
take his photograph.
He made 
it to the top 
as we did.
with a
50 pound
And ...
he was ... smiling!
One biked.
Some ...

Poison Oak

we were
poison oak.
California Buckwheat

And, Tyler introduced me to the beautiful buckwheat.

Last view before going to the car.
A two hour trip in the wilderness ...
just three miles from home.

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