Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 128: Art set-up and Marly ...

I've been focused on this sale, and set-up was today.

And at the set-up, was "Marly" ...

You see, this is Marly's home and these artists
invaded with all their stuff ...

Libby Williamson / Blue Denim Design
setting up for a two day sale ...

Diane Calderwood  

Erin Houghton

Linda Bucci / "Ms. Gotrocks Jewelry"

Linda Bucci / "Ms. Gotrocks Jewelry"
jacki long / mixed media on canvas

 Norma Prickett

Carolyn Waitt, Sherry Goodloe, Robert Bucci,  Linda Migge,
and Robert Murphy will set up tomorrow morning.

And Marley is waiting!

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