Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 117: Awards night!

Every year Genbu-Kai has an Awards Banquet.

Held at Angelo and Vinci's Ristorante in Fullerton.

Demura Sensei greeted 150 black belts and guests.

Henry Tran, Roy Center, Michael Keating, Brandon Nomura, Craig Nomura, Megan Nomura, Jared Stanton

Costa Mesa dojo blackbelts. Four new sho-dans. One new ni-dan.
David Xavier

Cocktail hour,




dan promotions,


and a raffle.

Sensei gave a rose...

to every lady.

And, not a gi in sight!
Group enjoying Genbu-Kai slideshow

Jesse Ceme, Dr, Byron Fenema
The Nakamuras, Dwight Lomayesva,  Demura Sensei

A great evening for our Genbu-Kai family.
Special thanks to Susan Nakamura for  her
skilled job of organizing the event.

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