Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 43: Home from a Villa Park vacation.

I promised pictures of my vacation mates. My four grand-dogs.

Meet Laker (the crazy) and Kobe (the best).

In fairness to all of the grand-dogs, 
no one seemed in the mood for blog photos.
Bella (the brave) is in front of Roxie (the queen).

Roxie requested a solo portrait.

My vacation reading spot, if ...

Nothing quieter than a yard minus it's five family members.

This is the homework collage I brought with me 
on this mini vacation.  The idea was to finish it.

I did start on the (R) sister's face, it's about half-way.

But then my "monkeybrain" started on Sisters4. 
I like to give my clients a choice, and I guess me too.

I hope to have progress to share with you on Day 44?

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