Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 1708: A sleepover.

willy, acrylic, old photo & digital

WonderWoman & Superman flew off to the Jazz Festival ...

and I am at their house.
I used to call it Grandma duty, but ...

all 3 Grandhunks drive, cook & get to school
so a lot of the time it's just 

the Granddog, Laker, and me.

Such a good dog!

 We're good buddies.


I am just so lucky he can't post shots of me!

 Flashback Thursday ...

Ozawa Tournament, Las Vegas, NV 1984

Legends Demura, Kanazawa, Hiyashi, Ozawa, Mikame, Miki, Okamura, Mr. Ivan & more.

A smile for Thursday ...

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