Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 1651: Sidetracked. A lot.

Edna,  ink brush, watercolor & collage postcard

This is one of those dreaded days.
Do you have them too? What are yours about?
Mine are when I have to do left brain stuff & when I do, 
I really crave to do right brain stuff even more. 

I am so scattered I had to check which was which, and ...
in the process, I found a quick fun test, here
I am sure you probably know which you are, but it's fun. 
I think most who know me would say I am right-brain.
But, the test said ...

Oh well, this isn't even what the blog was going to be about!
Does the above explain that?
An update: a different test here, and
a different result, nothing scientific.

You see I knew I would stay in all day today.
Getting tax items together & doing bills.

Where did this month go?

And I do have a problem ...

I get sidetracked! A lot!
You see I notice a paper & start tearing it for collage,

or happen on a note card that would be a good thank you 
& I do that & on & on.
But, let me get to what I originally wanted to tell you.
I got the coolest polka dot package on my doorstep.
It was from artist/friend Sharon who moved to Idaho.
And look what she sent me.
A super WonderWoman, framed!
I really love it & thank you so much Sharon!

                 Stay warm, Sharon!


Commercial for an 2 upcoming classes ...
Tomorrow, February 2, 2017  10 -1 PM

Play with different collage techniques during this class. You will create collage on paper, collage & paint and more! Learn how to add to your collage with different mediums, paint markers, color pencil, and paint during this mixed media class with Jacki Long. All materials provided.
REGISTRATION: $45 per class
Still a few seats are available for this class, sign up today!
and this coming Saturday, February 4, 2017 ...
an all day class in 

This is a day class in beautiful Old Town Torrance ...

a beautiful place to visit, join us if you can?

Sign-up & Info: e-mail Suzanne at

click to enlarge

1815 W. 213th Street, #135, Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 742-3192

A fun Saturday for sure.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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