Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 1641: Great big fat fluffy, puffy ones!

"not alone", photo, ink collage & digital

Day 2 of Granddog Laker's sleepover. (see here)
And when I am working, like now,
this is his location of choice.

Note this is where my legs usually go ...
when I don't have company.

After rain Friday, the sun was out Saturday.


Besides a walk or two, we took a ride to enjoy the sun & ...

the big fat fluffy, puffy clouds.

We know the correct term, cumulonimbus, but ...

doesn't "big, fat fluffy puffy ones" sound better?


We saw a lot of people out walking & biking.
Which is good because we have more rain coming.

(Newport Beach at horizon)

Very distant "Pacific Check" for Lynn in Colorado.

Laker's look is saying, 
"you would have missed all of this without me!"

A smile for Sunday ...

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