Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 1633: Caught again.

ampersand, journal page close-up

Still coughing & sleeping. Testing my patience.
I was answering an e-mail to artist/friend Valerie, saying ...
"I am jealous! I am glad you are creating. 
I haven't done anything! 
I haven't even taken down my Christmas stuff, 
which would only take an hour tops!

I told WW & she replied I once left our tree up till March! 
That's absolutely NOT true, but she keeps telling that story 
and gets so much joys doing it! 
However, I do admit I DID try to pass off El Pollo Loco as 
a Christmas dinner once when she was tiny, 

but she was too smart even then & caught me 
and has teased me ever since. ;op 
Sounds like tomorrow's blog?"
Thanks Valerie!

Did you know that 2017 is Year of the Rooster?

A vintage-looking rooster from Studio Takeuma

A smile for Saturday ...

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