Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 1621: A perfect New Year's Day ...

"trees", photo & collage

I spent the first day of 2017 in a wonderful way ...
with my 2nd family, the Nomura's.
(They agreed to adopt me if I would stop begging!)
Maybe you know or have had this type of day? I sure hope so.
Dress code: California casual, meaning comfortable.
The kind where you bring food & others bring better.
The kind where you eat, talk, eat some more & then repeat.
Ages 2 - 99 in attendance with no age barrier in sight.
Little ones playing games, adults watching, remembering.
No TV on, few phones in sight, 2 dogs & 3 cats in & out.
Speaking of dogs, I am a real dog person.
I love cats too, but even dogs know I love dogs.
They seek me out, knowing I am a kindred spirit.
That is until today.
Meet Megan and Sakura.

Two years ago at this event Megan had Sakura in a dress!
I teased Megan saying that poor Sakura ...
didn't really want to be in that dress!
Look at that look! She remembers!
You know how we females never forget? Especially a slight.
Well Sakura avoids me like the plague!
Finally, this afternoon when everybody else was busy, 
I tapped my lap and she jumped up ...
& let me pet her for 20 minutes.
With her back to me & she wouldn't look at me. 
But I'm making progress & I don't give up easy. 
Ask the Nomura's.
Maybe next year she'll turn around?
A goal already for 2018.

A smile for Monday ...

by Emily Woodward Sharp

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