Monday, September 26, 2016

Day1523: How to spend a glorious Saturday morning!

"koi pond", Iphoto

As a retiree on a limited budget, I have cut out some frills.
But I still take the OC Register Wednesday thru Sunday.
I had already torn out this little blurb in the local section,

but reading this article by Susan Christian Goulding ...
sealed the deal. (article here)

People have asked me how I know of events that I feature here?
I guess I just stay open-eared & when it rings a bell, I go ...
usually on short notice, so alone.

Patrick Crabb, local legend & retired  SA College Professor, 
along with 6 hand picked artists, have a sale.

Hold on to your hats, look what I saw ...

Inside a large yard with  44 years of lush landscaping ...

wonderful ceramics, jewelry, glass, basketry & more ...

Peggy Wiedemann's fabulous sculptural basketry!

I apologize that I didn't get pictures of Janet Seward's 
beautiful jewelry, except for my new earrings.
We talked so much I forgot & was so taken with her great face!

Patrick & wife Vickie generously opened their home 
for a self-guided tour of his extensive collection of ceramics 
& amazing art & antiquities from over the years.

I am so glad I read the paper & will be first in line next year!

When I go to sales, I always tell myself ...
that I am there to look, be inspired, not to buy.
So you want to see what my lack of will power bought?

1 cool pot, 4 views ...
I seat-belted it on the 2 mile drive home, 

then carried it like a baby .. to it's new place of honor.

Can you blame me? 

A glorious Saturday morning indeed!

A smile for Monday ...

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