Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 1514: Dumbo is a destination and Chicago is a show?

"Brooklyn Bridge", I phone photo

Third day in NYC!

We went to Brooklyn to catch a walking tour and ...

with Dahlia, our excellent grad student tour guide,
we walked across the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.

Statue of Liberty in the distance

The weather we were warned about, hot & humid ...
has not happened, instead 70's & low humidity! Perfect!

Empire State Building in the distance

At the end of the bridge, we were in Dumbo ...
(Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) 

WonderWoman in Dumbo, wedding couple in background

a new & popular area of re-purposed industrial buildings.

and I found some graffiti!

Then we caught the East River Ferry to Upper Manhattan.

Followed by some shopping, then back to change ...

Friday evening, we had great tickets for Chicago on Broadway.

A fabulous show, even better than expected,
Followed by a late meal at Junior's!

Then, Times Square!

So... now at 1:30 AM ...
if this blog is fragmented or incoherent, oh well!

A smile for Saturday ...

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