Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 1508: In search of the "mini-est" of missives!

"Maiko", collage, Japanese calendar print, digital

Journals come in all styles, sizes and intentions.

Today I am in search of the mini-est of missives!
How about an "inchy" journal, sort of ...


inside cover

back cover

11' x 1.5" paper, accordion folded

2" manila envelope

scrap embellishment

The mini-est of journals, useful as a thank you note 
or unusual message for someone special.
And, fun in minutes?
What do you think?

One more, because they are fun to do and ... 
someone said I should explain a bit?

step 1

I start with a 1-1/2" square cardboard ...
but it could be any size, shape.
2 = a top & bottom cover.
I color the backgrounds, or not,

step 2

 then  collage ...


until I like it.


I like it.

Then I work on the back cover ...

step 1

usually simpler.

step 2

Next the 1.5" x 11" paper is folded in half three times = 8 squares.
The strip can be painted, writing, collage or whatever ...
leaving both end squares blank to adhere to covers.

I decided to collage anime heads and ...
my message will be on the back.

Adhere two blank ends to inside of top & bottom cover ...

fits perfect in the 2" manila envelope ...

I collage the envelope front with a space for the name.
This took longer because of the collage on the folded strip.
All in all, a fun little project.
If you get one of these you gotta know you're special!
BTW: scanning these little twerps was a pain!

A smile for Sunday ...

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