Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 1501: Maybe you don't know Jack!

""The barn", old photo, old letters, junk mail & digital

Thursday I had a great play-date, as mentioned here.
Besides great friends Beatriz & Dave ... there was a bonus. 

I now know Jack!

Jack is a 17 year old Labrador/Pitbull mix.
He started out as a tiny pup ...

Beatriz & Dave's beautiful daughter, Tasha with Jack

and like puppies do, he grew ...

and grew ...


Now a senior by any standard,  Jack is blessed 
to be in a loving family that cares for his every need. 
And they are blessed by his indomitable spirit.
He has lost most of his sight, hearing & muscle mass.
He makes his way slowly but leans in for petting.
Clearly, he is happy to alive and with his family.

Long past his vet's predictions, Jack lives on and inspires us.
A diet of love & family can do wonders.
I'm so glad I now know Jack!

A smile for Sunday ...

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