Monday, August 22, 2016

Day 1488: Quirky and fun, and only part one!

Nina, altered photo, acrylic & collage

Some Friday's Val & I meet at MBBQ for lunch,
& sometimes we visit the gorgeous Brea Art Gallery.
Worth a visit in itself ...

but we went to see their current show ...

Esther Traugot

Esther Traugot

Linda Vallejo

And in an adjacent dark room,  the documentary...  

Angela Sun

"Plastic Paradise" by Angela Sun.
And in keeping with socially-engaged art ...

one large wall dedicated to interactive art.

Val and I always play!

It made us think!

What a concept!

I try to keep this daily blog well under a minute read.
I know you are all busy out there.
So, I have divided this Brea show into 2 parts.
Here's a teaser for tomorrow's part 2 ...
which I think is even better?

Alan, 49, woodcut by Neil Shigley

I hope you'll come visit again tomorrow for more 
amazing talent & an installation.
I think you'll like it?

A smile for Monday ...
a watch at  Brea Art Gallery gift shop!

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