Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 1481: I work really hard at watching!

"Riptorn", junk mail collage postcard

I am back home for the first time in three days.
(see here)

While being Grandma with 2 Grandhunks & 1 Granddog ...
I watched hours & hours of Olympic coverage.
I enjoyed their big screen tv and watched ...
rugby, rowing, volleyball, track & field,

Wayde Van Nierkerk, South Africa

gymnastics, basketball, beach volleyball, swimming

Simone Manuel, USA

and on Sunday, a four hour gold medal match in tennis!

Juan Martin Del Potro, Venezuela, Andy Murray, Great Britain  & Kei Nishikori, Japan

I am thinking we need to invent a way to 
burn at least half of the calories of the events we watch?
I know I work really hard at watching!

Grandhunk # 3 (age 15) watched an event with me and
we saw competitors from different countries hug afterwards.
He said he loved that & the whole Olympics. 
And, he wished the world could be like that.
What a concept!
Are you loving the Olympics?
What's your favorite?

A smile for Monday ...

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