Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 1467: Time for Super Summer Seminar!

"Dorothy", old photo, collage & digital

Time for Super Summer Seminar!

Held annually on the last Sunday of July ...
a tradition for over thirty years, see here.

Held at Costa Mesa Downtown Rec Center ...

on a warm SoCal day ...

checked in by Michelle & Senpai Leo.

Under the watchful eye of Demura Sensei.

43 black belts lined up before Demura Sensei for early training.

Then joined by 23 brown belts, 12 green & 6 white belt adults.

And, 8 red, 7 blue, 9 purple, 7 yellow & 6 white belt juniors.

Black belts instructing adults and juniors ...

individually and in groups.

Timing drills can be fun.

I tried to get a photo of everyone ... I didn't, but I tried.

Demura Sensei's Black belts.

A great day & a great group!

See ya next year?

A smile for Monday ...

(*tacos to go from Taco Mesa, Costa Mesa! yummm!)

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