Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 1459: Paint on wood, they said.

"1 way", collage, photo & digital


"1 way+", collage, photo & digital

Couldn't make up my mind?
Do you have a preference?

If you're in So Cal, you might want to check out ...

They offer demos where you learn & get to use stuff free!

FREE IN-STORE DEMO: Fleur Designers Paint
Saturday July 23, 2016 -- 10:30AM to 1:30PM
Try out the FLEUR DESIGNERS PAINT great for upcyclying furniture and painting, with 64 colors to chose from. For this demo bring in a small chair, stool, or small piece of furniture to paint. Please prime metal or plastic furniture prior to the event.
COST: FREE demo at ART SUPPLY WAREHOUSE. Limited to 20 people. Skill Level:
All.Limited seats are available for these demonstrations.

Luckily, artist/friend Marie e-mailed me about ...
what "wood thing" I would bring to paint?
I hadn't read that far, so I hunted up my $2. chair.

I bought this sweet little chair 20+ years ago for $2 at a sale.
And I want to qualify that I like old looking stuff.
And, I usually don't like old stuff painted!
But I needed something & it's been hidden in my closet.

So in 91 degrees at the 10:30AM start, we met outside under a tent 
with a merciful breeze to learn Fleur attributes & techniques.

Tanita Ribola

And, what a pleasure to hear Tanita's Italian accent ...
and look at that face!

We picked our colors and got to work.
A great color selection, & the paint is wonderful to work with.

My $2 chair got brick orange, yellow-ochre & turquoise paint.

Shanda & Marie in chair jail?

At the end, I owe thanks to Shanda & Marie ...
who both helped get this little chair varnished in time.
And thanks to Tanita, Fleur & ASW too, this was all free!
This is how my chair looks now, but a future blog will
show planned additions. Stay tuned?

A smile for Sunday ...

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