Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 1458: Junk mail, iTunes and a gluestick, oh my!

"6 men", old photo, junk mail collage & digital

This is a step-by-step on a 9x11" mailing envelope.
I think I did about 15 steps before I thought to scan?

scan 1

John Arbuckle, Seattle artist & friend is my mail muse for July.

scan 2

Lucky for me, John likes stamp people.

scan 3

So with junk mail scraps, iTunes & a gluestick, I played.

scan 4

2 hours & almost done. Sometimes I outline?

scan 5

I don't usually spend so much time on an envelope,
but John is special & this is fun!
Does this look like fun?
What do you spend extra time on just for fun?

Thanks again for stopping by ...
wishing you a lovely weekend.


* The scan cut off part of the envelope, I left the top open for more stamps at the PO.
Luckily Diana likes the stamp-people and helps me add the right amount of postage. 
Thanks Diana!

A smile for Saturday ...

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