Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 1451: Another significant other on the horizon?

"Olvera3", photo, collage & digital

You may have heard me mention my significant other?
That would be my Mac Pro ...
my big strong, top of the line guy since 2006!

He's been great, but 10 years seems to be 50 in computer years?
I can relate to his slowing down, hesitations & such,
but in this little "mom & no pop" ad agency ...
I have work to do, so my new MacPro lap top is ordered.

Have you ever been to an Apple store?


Eye candy & tech bliss!

Wiz-kid Brandon & Apple tech Michael ...
helped me navigate the Apple Store.

I am so glad I let Brandon live when he was a teenager
in my classes, as he has saved my life repeatedly.

And, look what UPS just delivered!

Everything but the Mac Pro laptop, 
still in the Apple gym getting extra muscles!

Lots of speed to come! ;o)
Looking for a helmet.

A smile for Saturday ...

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