Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 1450: Wisdom came early to Team Jen!

"truheart2", acrylics, photo & digital

When I decided to do today's blog about "Team Jen",
as mentioned in earlier blogs here and here,

I thought about this group of young women ...
who have gained wisdom early, the hard way.

CA, 7-10-2015

Learning the value of friendship, life & loss.

It was always my goal for daughter, WonderWoman 

to grow up in one place, with the same friends, 
schools from young to old, through the years.

Mission accomplished, these girls bonded early on and

are still together, loving & supporting each other.
They went to the Hampton's five years ago ...
instead of attending their 20th high school reunion.
Katrina hosted at her summer home & it became a tradition.

They lost the tiny, but mighty Jen a year ago,
after rallying around Jen for 2-1/2 years of
doctor appointments, errands, cleaning, planning activities  
& just being what they had always been for 37 years ...  
great friends.

Now, a year later, still missing & grieving, 
they returned to the Hamptons, their special place ...

2014, Jen in yellow

 ... to celebrate Jen.

they sprinkled ashes ...

lit sparklers ...

and remembered their dear friend.

"We celebrate you Jen
Life here on earth isn't the same without you,
but we know you are in a better place. 

We celebrate ...

our friendships and ...

cherish all the memories!!!" 

A perfect morning, 
doing EXACTLY what Jen would have wanted to do. 

SoulCycle in the Barn in Bridgehampton followed by 
lunch at Jen's favorite restaurant "Pierre's". 


And, a fitting way to spend their last day....
In East Hampton at the Jennifer Miller Jewelry store.

All are on their way home today after a great five days. 
Yea friendship ...
Yea Team Jen!

A thought for Friday ...

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