Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 1444: The six day itch!

"play", digital & drawing

Yeah, I'm sure you've heard of the seven year itch

but ... have you heard of the six day itch?
I have it and am home to try to remedy it.
You see I am on day six of house & granddog-siting,
so the superheroes can do this.
Now I feel the need to make something, maybe a postcard?
I received postcards recently from ...
artist John Arbuckle in Seattle, 

and artist Connie Rose in Northern CA so ...

 if that doesn't make you want to send a postcard, what will?

china marker, graphite & acrylic, so far ...

So this is my postcard start.
I will do more tomorrow when I am home for good.
Hope you'll join me for a step-by-step?
Gotta go ...

A smile for Saturday ...

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