Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 1439: "Lollygagging" around in Laguna!

"Ruth & Dion", photo & digital

The older I get, the more these strange terms pop out!
"Lollygagging" around in Laguna!

On Friday morning, Val & I parked in lot 16 & jumped on a tram!

First stop, the Sawdust Festival ...

us & our cool photographer!

We circled the entire Sawdust Festival ...
I saw this cute couple & asked if I could take their picture?
I don't normally accost people, but they were so cute!

Mr & Mrs. Wright, seemed surprised, but let me take this.
Then I found out that Mr. Dion Wright, booth 250 metal work
and Ruth Wright, booth 251, jewelry & sculpture ...
started the Sawdust Festival back in 1965. 
Win - win, I got this great shot & a history lesson.
Made my day!

Fueled by this, I went on to meet more vendors.

Elenor Henry, booth 254, beautiful handmade natural fiber clothing.
We think she had the best location, with a window to the highway.


Antonia Mendoza, booth 231, does hand-weaving & textiles
      in wool, on an handmade loom made special for this show. 

Hillel Rzepka, booth 232 works with glass & precious metals,
                    a "heartist", specializing in glass hearts. 

yellow arrow shows my purchase!

   Nikolau Erngren, booth 424, works in mixed media.
I bought one of his whimsical pieces.

       Hugo Rivera, booth 423, was at both Sawdust & Art Affair

Nansea Williams, booth 418, handmade mixed media.

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Robert Holton, booth 304, Pop art

Jeanne Sullenberger, booth 202. gourd and goblet art

James Lansdell, booth 208, painting.

 Shamus, booth 116, I collect his work.


Ultimately we ran out of time ... since one of us 
had a hot date for the Hollywood Bowl that evening.

Val on a special bench, waiting for the shuttle

 Another fun adventure!

A smile for Monday ...

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