Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 1397: Speaking of horses, and I did.

PleasePrint, junk mail collage & digital

Speaking of horses, and I did, here.
And, I have mentioned Seal Beach artist, Mitzi Winks before.

She did this of me, when she was in my class.
As I said then, on my best day I've never looked that good.
So naturally, I love Mitzi!
Mitzi loves horses!
Mitzi saw the "30 day Challenge" ...

and decided to do the same but with horses.
I received this cute envelope in the mail ...

with this note ...

So with her permission, I'm sharing her work with you.


Envelope #2  (left)
with #'s 11 - 20 of the challenge
was hand delivered to me
by Mitzi at the LWAL 
art demonstration on 
April 28, 2016 
Seal Beach, CA

Then the third envelope ...

envelope #3 with # 21 - 30 

Thank you Mitzi Winks for 30 days of soulful horses.

A smile for Monday ...

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